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Human greed is endless and they repeat the same mistakes.
(TRANS) Bangtan Boys on Junon July 2014 Magazine Interview

Rap Monster
Q: What do you think your personality is like?
A: I look reliable but there are still times when I feel confused/lost.

Q: What do you collect?
A: Since I like it, I have a lot of Supreme clothes. But there’s no stores in Korea so I buy it all online from overseas.

Q: What’s the one thing you won’t lose to others?
A: My rap and voice doesn’t lose to anyone! Also, gentle personality (laughs).

Q: What’s the origin of the name “Rap Monster”?
A: Predebut I always wrote “Rap Monster” when I was writing lyrics. I don’t know how but it became my nickname so I just used it when I debut.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become an artist?
A: I always listened to Eminem’s songs when I was in junior high. I wanted to use music to express my thoughts. The reason I wanted to rap was because I didn’t want to be bound by the melody but rather to freely express my thoughts.

Q: What’s hard about being a leader?
A: At work there may be unexpected things that happen and I have to calmly lead the members. There’s always this kind of stress.

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Jimin x J-Hope 2 Shot Talk

Jimin chose J-Hope
Reason: Being with hyung always allows me to be my natural self. Our pictures are very natural too.

Q: If you can gain an ability of the opposite party, what would it be?
Jimin: Hyung’s optimistic and positive attitude. Not everyone can be like that.
J-Hope: Jimin’s eye smile. It’s too charming!

Q: If you two were to go on vacation together, where do you want to go?
J-Hope: Japan, Harajuku shopping!
Jimin: That’s right. Also traditional Japan streets and hot springs are nice too. There’s a mountain I want to go to but I forgot the name.

Q: What changed after you met each other?
Jimin: He became even more optimistic and positive (laughs). He originally is very cheerful and gentle… I have also been affected by it.
J-Hope: Jimin also became positive. Hope, hope!

Q: Please say something to each other regarding your upcoming Japan debut!
Jimin: My hyung that always shine on stage, let us also see your cool self in Japan!
J-Hope: Bangtan is nothing with you. Show your charms!

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(Trans) CECI 20th Anniversary Interview with Bangtan Boys (Excerpt)

Note: This is only an excerpt of the interview; not full trans.

The advantages of men living together.
V: It’s like we’re sworn brothers.
Rap Monster: You can borrow each other’s clothes.
Jin: You can walk around without clothes.
V: And you can shower together.
Jimin: When it comes to packing luggage or cleaning, we can finish it faster since there’s a group of guys.
Rap Monster: J-hope and Jin hyung are the clean type so they clean quite well.

It should be fun just being together.
Jimin: Maknae Jungkook is really interesting/fun in the dorms.
Jungkook: We are lively when we are with people we are familiar with but we’re shy when we meet someone for the first time.
Jin: At home after dance practice you’ll see 6 guys lying on the dorm floor. Jungkook is washing clothes by himself (laughs).
Jimin: His physical strength is very good.

Is Bangtan Boys a ‘democratic’ group? For example, when it comes to eating or choosing seats in the car.
Suga: In most cases the majority makes the decision. I can’t decide what to eat so the decision belongs to somebody else.
Jimin: Only leader gets the shotgun seat in the car. The others will just go in order.
Jin: No one likes to sit in the middle seats. I’ve been sitting in the middle seat quite often lately. Everyone is dissatisfied as they kept complaining why someone with such broad shoulders is sitting in the middle (laughs).
Jimin: His personality is no good, this Geonggi-do guy.
Jin: Geonggi-do guys are renowned for their personalities ok?

Do you also bet on food?
Jimin: We’re get hungry when we’re at dance practice so we talk a lot about food. So with our dance teacher we play the pig feet ladder game. (Note: Koreans play a ladder game when eating pig feet to determine who will treat and how much.)
Suga: We also bet on a lot of ice cream.
Jin: After eating everything, we will determine which two will clean up using rock, paper, scissors. But if both the chosen two don’t want to do it, it will be combined for one person (laughs). So in the end that person will complain while cleaning.
Jimin: Lately it’s been J-Hope hyung cleaning all by himself.

The harsh trainee life can be tiring. What was the driving force behind your motivation?
Rap Monster: The desire to debut, win newcomer awards, win first place, and for my music to be #1 on the Melon Charts one day.
J-hope: The support from friends gave me a lot of strength.
Jungkook: When I’m tired, Jimin hyung will be by my side comforting me and listening to my complaints.

I’m curious what Bangtan Boys was like in school.
Rap Monster: I’m the type that had a lot of friends. I was very active and liked to attract attention. I was the class leader many times.
Jin: I hear from a lot of people that I was very frivolous. I look a lot different from before. I was very short and my growth spurt only started when I was in second year of high school.
Jimin: I was very similar to Rap Mon hyung. I like to receive a lot of care. During talent shows, I would dance on stage. I started attracting some attention in high school and it was an astonishing feeling (laughs).
V: I would be creating disturbances in the hallway. Since I would feel lonely, there’s always a lot of people by my side.
Suga: I’m more of the quiet type. I like basketball and girls would come watch when I played basketball.
Jungkook: I was very mischievous. I didn’t study and was an active kid that liked to play computer games (laughs).

What’s the atmosphere like in Bangtan’s Kakao chat group?
Jimin: We send a lot of ugly pictures.
Jungkook: We’ll also compete in who takes the ugliest pictures.
Jin: Most of the time it’s the youngest three that talks the most. It’s the ‘young’ group.
V: When the members are dyeing their hair, I would secretly take pictures of them sleeping. I’ll also take some if there’s funny expressions. I am Bangtan’s Dispatch, you guys better treat me better (laughs).
Suga: We’ll also share important things or things we should be careful at.

Who’s the noisiest member (in the Kakao group)?
Jin: It has always been Kim Taehyung, Kim Taehyung, Kim Taehyung
Jungkook: Even if no one replies, he’ll still keep going (laughs).
V: I think it’s Hope Hyung.
Rap Monster: There’s not much to choose between the two.

Who’s the slowest to reply (in the chat group)?
Jin: Suga’s name practically has never showed up in the group chat.
Jimin: We joked around that he will probably never reply (laughs)
Suga: Because I’m more of the ‘cold’ type

Wasn’t it said that you can understand someone based on their picture/avatar or status?
Suga: I didn’t set anything for either.
Jimin: Mines is a selfie I took with oranges.
Jungkook: My mind has been a mess lately so it’s black.
Jin: Maknae is going through puberty right now. Mines is of me and an alpaca, in which fans say I look like.

Chinese trans: 咻嘎被被sugababe